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We, Sriandal Soft Media, are a Puducherry based technology start-up. We deal with various products and services associated with IT.

We do provide recharge, bill payment, and booking services. Besides, we have wonderfully devised gaming options for users to get entertained and make some money as well. We also provide whole ranges of services in the information technology.

Creating a website for making a graphics-rich, animated demo film, we help our customers to get traction in their chosen field. Our young and energetic team with its combined experience of nearly 100-years comprises java developers, creative writers, 2D / 3D animators, storyboard artists, camera persons, video editors, and audio engineers, etc. Propelled with a vision of ‘giving always best’ to our valuable customers, our journey continues with confidence.

Besides, working for our idea, we are willing to provide turnkey solutions for website development, creating U.I. Interface for software and apps and making animated and non-animated films of all kinds. Also, we are willing to develop any type of education tools as per your requirement. We even take care of idea conceptualization to deliver the ready-to-launch products.


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Our Approach

Our team starts the work with brainstorming of the concept with the client. The overall size of the project, features, specifications and requirement of resources will be discussed in detail with the client. Typically, in 2 to 3 sittings everything will be finalized. During this discussion, our team will inform about the milestones, timeline, testing procedures and deliverables.

This work will be carried out by our Graphic Designers. Sitting along with the Project Manager, they give the perfect wireframe design. Depends upon the size and scope of the project, the wireframe design will take 1 to 3 weeks.

Even before start developing the actual software, we will show the prototype demo to the client. This will be immensely helpful for the client. Because, they can actually see the what the final product will look alike. If required, based on the prototype outcome, they can quickly do some modifications, if required.

In this phase, the Project Manager will allot the precise resources. Based on the project, a required team will be allotted. If it’s really huge, some of the external resources help also be taken. A development phase will be at least 1 month 1 year. During and after the development, the testing team will check its robustness and approve for delivery. On day-to-day basis, the development process will be fully monitored by our Project Manager.

This is the exciting final phase of the project. A fully-tested product will be shown as a demo to the client and it will be subsequently deployed as per the client’s instruction. Based on the client’s feedback, the final corrections and modifications will be made. Over the period of interacting with several local and International Client, we found this method of concept creation to delivering the ready-to-use product strategy works well for us.