Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Team

Sriandal Soft Media employs security and privacy professionals and domain experts in information, application, and network security. This expert team is tasked with maintaining the company’s internal and external defense systems, developing security analysis, upgrading stronger security infrastructure, and precisely implementing our security policies.

Sriandal Soft Media also employs an extensive team of lawyers, regulatory compliance experts, and public policy specialists who are taking care of our privacy and security compliance matters.

These data protection teams work with customers, industry stakeholders, and supervisory authorities to ensure our services can help customers meet their compliance needs.

Data Processing Agreements

The neatly-defined data processing agreements clearly articulate our privacy commitment to customers. We have evolved these terms after consulting with several industry experts over the years. We have also taken feedback from our customers and regulators to formulate this policy.

Keeping in mind of World Standard, recently, we have updated these terms to reflect the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) , and have made this updated policy available well in advance to facilitate our customers’ compliance assessment and GDPR readiness when using our services through online.

Processing Your Private Data

Any data that a customer and its users put into our systems will only be processed in accordance with the customer’s instructions, as described in our GDPR-updated data processing agreements. This will be maintained strictly.

Confidentiality Terms and Assurances

All of our employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and given basic training to handle the privacy policy, GDPR norms and general Code of conduct to safeguard the users’ data.

Third-Party Involvement

Sometimes, Sriandal Soft Media engage some of the third-party vendors to help us in supporting these services. Each vendor will be picked up after a careful selection process to make sure it has the required technical expertise and can deliver the appropriate level of security and privacy to our customers.

Testing Methodology

Sriandal Soft Media conducts disaster recovery testing on a regular basis (at least twice a year) to provide safe communication plans, fail-over scenarios, operational deficiencies, and other emergency responses. All teams that participate in the disaster recovery exercise develop testing plans and analysis after the testing which documents the results arrived from the tests.

Encryption Standard

Sriandal Soft Media adopts encryption to protect data in transit and at rest. Data in transit is always been protected using HTTPS, which is activated by default for all users. The Cloud Platform services will be encrypted customer content stored at rest.

Access Control Privileges

The employees of Sriandal Soft Media have access rights and levels are based on job function and role, using the industry-standard concepts the access privileges will be given to the defined authorities. Requests for additional access follow a process that includes a request and an approval from a data or system owner, manager, or other executives, as dictated by sriandal soft media’s security policies.


We scan for software vulnerabilities using a combination of commercially available or highly ratified open source tools, extensive automated and manual penetration testing, quality assurance methods, software security audits will be done. Our Bounty Programme motivates researchers to report design and implementation flaws that may put customer data at risk.

requently observing the peer-ratified best data protection policies of the world, we would update our data policies in all aspects to give the utmost secure environment for our customers.